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" A wedding album isn't a bunch of photos randomly arranged in a book,

it's a beautifully designed record of the story of your wedding day. 

Wedding Album 

The Premium Wedding Package includes this beautiful album. When your photos are ready, you'll receive a link to your personalized online gallery. It will be sent to you via email. You'll be able to share a link with family & friends, so they can easily view and download their favorites as well! Next, you can select photos for your wedding album. I firmly believe that photos aren't meant to live on a screen, and should be printed, enjoyed, and passed on for generations. Fine art prints or a beautiful album are amazing ways to preserve your memories.


You can also add the album to any other package or order it separately.


Countless times, I've quietly sighed upon hearing friends or acquaintances mention that they have their digital wedding photos stored away but haven't found the time to do anything with them, often pushing the idea to "someday...maybe." Unfortunately, wedding albums can often become an afterthought, relegated to a task to deal with post-wedding, only to be forgotten over time.


To a certain degree, I understand this sentiment. Planning a wedding in today's world demands significant effort and finances, leaving many aspects to be addressed and considered. It's natural to prioritize other tasks amidst the chaos of wedding planning. Moreover, in an increasingly digital world, the concept of physical wedding albums may seem antiquated and out-of-touch.

" A wedding album preserves your memories so you can reminisce

about your wedding day and help you re-live it for years to come.


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